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Tolkien, British Lane and a Hufflepuff Scarf #TheArtAssigment

My entry for The Art Assignment “Quietest Place”.

Basically I took my hedgehog on a Spring walk to an old abandoned farm house and then I wax on and on in an (accidentally) Anne Shirley-ish way.

Sorry about the wind/sound problems, this is my first real video and I don’t have any proper editing software. Nevertheless I am quite proud of it and I’ll be thrilled if you’ll give it a watch :)

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Last morning on the farm…. #nebraskatrip

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Our epic Settlers of Catan game with Cities and Knights pauses for sleep…the adventure continues tomorrow #settlersofcatan #nebraskatrip #fun

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#strawberries #artistic

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Couldn’t finish the Amazing Chocolate cake at lunch. Had a mocha butter layer, yummy :) :) #chocolate #nebraskatrip #foodie

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Lunch today with @Alice Wood and @Audrey Wood. Delicious food, classic restaurant and thought-provoking conversation. BEST. LUNCH. EVER.

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My project at Paint Yourself Silly today :) #owl #mug #paintproject

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At the Haymarket in Lincoln with @Audrey Wood #nebraskatrip #bookstore #photobenches

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Sherlock’s response to John asking him to be the best man

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I was literally crying laughing in the theatre

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I am laughing so hard right now.

Hehe :)

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BBC Christmas (Baby Please Don’t Die)

A spoof on “Baby Please Come Home
A special Christmas present for all my dear tumblr friends. Enjoy!

Lyrics: (more or less)
The snow is coming down
I’m waiting for my tears to fall
Watching the BBC specials
Crying Baby please don’t die!

Eleven is regenerating
Dancing to his very last song
It’s not a happy sound
Matt please don’t die

I hear the familiar theme song
But it’s not a Merry Christmas at all
I Remember on Downton Abbey
When Matthew died last year!

At least Sherlocks back this New Years
And drama! Johns engaged
What if the nuns die on Call the Midwife?
It’s Merlin all over again!

 Baby please don’t die
Baby please don’t die
BBC stop hatin on me

I hear the familiar theme song
But it’s not a Merry Christmas at all
I Remember on Doctor Who
When Clara died last year! (Again)

If there was a way
I’d hold back these tears
But it’s Christmas day
And BBC pretty much hates me

  Baby please don’t die
 BCC stop Hatin’ on me
  Baby please don’t die

What happened to peace and good will
I’m not feeling joy
If this doesn’t stop soon
There won’t be peace on earth!